Our Work

We build relationships, create opportunities to learn, share, advocate and work together. We highlight and promote the work of our partners and supporters and inspire new contributors.

Together we prevent chronic disease and create healthy and resilient communities. We do this by addressing the systems, structures and environments that impact our wellbeing.

We also raise awareness and celebrate the great actions already taking place in our community and work to connect the people leading change so that they can align and coordinate their efforts.

Examples of Healthy Greater Bendigo’s Work:

Champion the Movement

Healthy Supermarkets (Video | Report)
Arts and Health Video
Kalianna Healthy Food Project Video
Food Systems Strategy video
Build public will/ Cultivate community engagement and ownership
Develop and share tools and resources

Doing it together

Health is Everyone’s Business video 50 seconds | 7 minutes
Sowing the Seeds for Success Community Gardens Event video 60 seconds | 3 minutes
Influence healthy public policy development. For example, Collective Advocacy on healthy BBQs, tobacco policy
Activate Community Leadership
Support aligned activities
Healthy Greater Bendigo Newsletter

Our guiding principles

Apply an equity lens

Build a cross-sector and community movement

Create a culture of action, reflection and adaptation

Cultivate leadership at every level

Focus on whole system transformation

Value all perspectives and contributions

Healthy Greater Bendigo Strategic Plan

Healthy Greater Bendigo Strategic Plan on a page

Areas of action

Healthy Greater Bendigo’s primary areas of action include:

  • Capacity building/education
  • Advocacy
  • Influencing healthy public policy development
  • Research partnerships
  • Monitoring/research
  • Co-designing initiatives with community organisations
  • Collective impact; doing it together with others to drive change

Our approach

We recognise health and wellbeing has more to do with the places that we live, work, learn, play and age than doctors’ visits and that health happens in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and community facilities.

We need to change policy and systems so we can create healthy environments that will, over time, improve health right across our community.

We support the community, stakeholders and our partners’ efforts in health promotion and prevention activities, and advocate for access to affordable, healthy and tasty food and a healthy food system.

We Achieve Change in our Community by:

Championing the movement

The health sector cannot do it alone, healthy communities are everybody’s business, we encourage more people, organisations and sectors to ‘play their part by increasing awareness and alignment of our collective efforts.

Doing it together

Together with our partners, supporters and stakeholders we support and promote projects that make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Focussing on the system

Learn about and reorient our efforts towards system prevention activities at scale, focusing on shifting the conditions that hold the problems in place.