Our Story

Healthy Greater Bendigo 2021-25 builds on the hard work and strong foundations of current and previous local health partnerships, Healthy Together Bendigo, GREATER, the Coalition for Gender Equity and many more.

The plan guides work across 5 outcome areas, setting out a framework for our shared action to ensure the Greater Bendigo community is:

-Healthy and Well

-Safe and Secure

-Able to Participate

-Connected to Culture and Community


Healthy Greater Bendigo leverages the strong relationships within the community in recognistion that ‘improving health and wellbeing is a shared responsibility across all levels of society.’

It recognises that to manage or solve complex public health challenges we need broad, collaborative and innovative approaches.

This webpage belonged to the Healthy Greater Bendigo partnership initiative. It is currently under review after completion of the initiative in December 2021. Healthy Greater Bendigo 2021-25 aims to build on the significant legacy of this partnership. Check out the resources tab for a whole lot of great tools and resources that were collated by the backbone team.