Our Story

Healthy Greater Bendigo builds on the hard work and strong foundations of previous local health partnerships, Healthy Together Bendigo and GREATER. Their early efforts still inform our work today.

The Healthy Greater Bendigo backbone team that supports the partnership has been embedded within the City of Greater Bendigo since 2018, when support for the partnership transitioned to The City of Greater Bendigo from Bendigo Health.

Healthy Greater Bendigo leverages the strong relationships within the community and encourages participants to work together to apply a systems approach to preventing chronic disease and promoting health and wellbeing.

Letter from the Chair

I am proud to be chair of the Healthy Greater Bendigo initiative.
Under the auspices of the City of Greater Bendigo, Healthy Greater Bendigo brings together the resources and expertise of our regions peak health bodies to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in the Greater Bendigo area.
Healthy Greater Bendigo also reaches out to and involves people, organisations and sectors outside traditional health services. Health is everyone’s business. Initiatives like Healthy Greater Bendigo lead the way in bringing people together to create a community where people are healthy and well.
As chairperson of the initiative I am particularly excited at the way Healthy Greater Bendigo looks to improve health and wellbeing by focusing on changing the environments that cause ill health in our community and shifting the conditions that have created problems in the first place. I encourage local organisations that want our community to be healthy and well to reach out to Healthy Greater Bendigo and look at ways we can partner to create a healthy and resilient community.

Vicky Mason
Chair – Healthy Greater Bendigo Stewardship Group
Director of Health and Wellbeing, City of Greater Bendigo

Our vision

An active, happy and healthy community where it is easy and normal to eat well and move more.

Our Region

Greater Bendigo is a vibrant, rapidly growing region with a history of collaboration. However, we have learnt that not all people in Greater Bendigo are healthy and well.

We know from the 2019 Greater Bendigo Active Living Census that only 48.0% of adults in Greater Bendigo eat the recommended serves of fruit each day and that only 12.9% meet the recommended serves of vegetables.

1 in 10 households (9.6%) in Greater Bendigo are food insecure – they do not have enough to eat. In some areas, this increased to 1 in 5 households in the 12 months prior to the census.

When people do not have enough food, it affects all aspects of daily life and can severely restrict economic, social and educational participation in the community.

The information also indicated 57.3% of adults meet physical activity guidelines and a majority of people in Greater Bendigo want to be more physically active. Overall, 52.9% of Greater Bendigo respondents aged 3 years and over indicated they had not been involved in physical activity as often as they would have liked. Barriers include:

  • being too busy
  • cost
  • poor health and
  • lack of social support

1 in 5 people expressed that they do not feel valued by society. This can lead to low self-esteem, reduced community engagement and poor health outcomes.

This data helps us to understand some of the barriers we need to address to improve health and wellbeing.

By working together, we can address the barriers that are within our power to change at a local level, and we can advocate to the State and Federal Government to address those that are within their power to change. In this way, we can create a Healthy Greater Bendigo.