At Healthy Greater Bendigo we are dedicated to ensuring everyone throughout the Greater Bendigo region has the opportunity to be healthy and well.

We believe health is everybody’s business and we aim to increase physical activity and healthy eating.

We do this by:

Championing the movement
Encourage more people, groups, organisations, sectors to make change within their sphere of influence

Doing it together
Share and celebrate our efforts and those of others’, build relationships and alliances, advocate together, align and coordinate our efforts and partner where appropriate

Focusing on the System
Learn about and orient our efforts towards system prevention activities at scale and systems impact of our efforts

Healthy Greater Bendigo is a partnership of local organisations, groups and individuals that want our community to be healthy and well.

Together we prevent chronic disease and create healthy and resilient communities. We do this by addressing the systems, structures and environments that impact our wellbeing.

Our goal is to make it easy and normal to eat well and move more.

At Healthy Greater Bendigo we:

  • Advocate for access to affordable, healthy and tasty food as well as a healthy food system
  • Aim to create environments across Greater Bendigo that support people to be physically active and well
  • Promote wellbeing in every decision to address barriers to eating healthy and being physically active
  • Recognise that in our community some groups experience worse health outcomes compared to other groups. We work with our partners to reduce these differences because we believe that all people can be healthy and enjoy life